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          By developing an organization dedicated to adding value to our customers and increasing the opportunities available to all of our employees; I have found that we can continually deliver the best products on the market, achieve exceptional sales growth, secure the future of the company, and increase our efficiency and profitability.


          With an outstanding track record of growth and profitability, dedication to providing our employees all the support they need, and a commitment to advancing from within, MDI isn’t a job – MDI is a career with unlimited opportunities.


          Our salespeople take tremendous pride in what they do. They experience the pride of working with the best products on the market. They experience the pride of being viewed as an asset not just to our company, but to a variety of manufacturers. They experience the pride in solving difficult applications for customers and being able to measure their contribution to MDI.


          All of our employees, entry-level or experienced, sales or corporate, experience the pride in being part of our elite organization with the philosophy, values, and dedication to be the best at everything it does.


MajdEldeen Sauboh

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